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Q. What's the difference between an Annual Conference and a Research Project Conference?

A. An Annual Conference consists of presentations, round tables, lectures, and symposiums proposed by association members. A Research Project Conference, on the other hand, consists only of speeches and symposiums. 


Q. What is a round table?

A. An event planned collaboratively by researchers from multiple affiliated organizations, consisting of presentations and exchange of views with participants on a certain topic.

Q. Is an application needed to participate in a round table?

A. You can participate freely on the day of the event. Only members can apply as planning members of a round table. A condition at that time is that all membership dues must paid in full up to the fiscal year when the application is made. 

Q. I'm not a member. Can I purchase the Journal of the Japan Association for College and University Education?

A. Yes. The price for issue no. 1 of volume 37 (published in May 2015) and later issues is ¥4,000 per issue + shipping. For issues up to Vol. 36, No. 2 (published in November 2014), the price is ¥3,500 per issue + shipping. We also have a special member category called "journal members" who only receive the journal. For details, please inquire with the Association Secretariat:, 042-707-8112. 

Q. Can I receive a receipt if I've participated in an Annual Conference or Research Project Conference?

A. A receipt is issued (given to participants) at the reception desk while the Annual Conference or Research Project Conference is being held. As a rule, receipts will not be issued after an event, and they will not be reissued. 

Q. My affiliation has changed. What's the procedure in that case?

A. Login from the "individual member login" button on the association website. You can then check the information yourself at the "Member information profile/update" section. At this time, you will need the ID (member no.) and password you were assigned when you joined. If you don't remember your ID or password, please inquire with the Secretariat at, 042-704-7014. 

Q. One of my research collaborators is not a member. Can he or she be included among the joint presenters for a free research presentation?

A. Yes. The person can be included among research collaborators, but cannot deliver the report (i.e., act as the presenter of the paper). Also, the fact that the person is not a member should be clearly indicated in the proceedings, resume, etc. 

Q. Can I check myself whether I have paid my dues?

A. Yes. Login from the "individual member login" button on the association website, and change it yourself. At that time, you will need the ID (member no.) and password you were assigned when you joined. If you have lost that information, please inquire with the Secretariat. 

Q. After applying to join, can I immediately apply for a free research presentation at the Annual Conference?

A. No. Normally, it takes about one month from an application to join until approval by the Board of Directors. Also, dues must be paid for the fiscal year when the application is made as a qualification for making a presentation. The annual meeting is scheduled for the beginning of June in a typical year, and the deadline to apply for making a presentation is the end of February of the previous fiscal year. Please be aware that applications for joining the association must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the application deadline for presentations. 

Q. My affiliated organization is an institutional member. Do I need to become an individual member?

A. If you are considering a free research presentation at the Annual Conference, each organization is allowed only one theme. The same organization cannot do presentations on two or more themes (see Annual Meeting Guidelines). Also, articles by institutional members for the journal can be submitted for "Case Studies" or the "Association Forum," but if they are published, a note will be attached indicating that the article is a presentation of an institutional member. If you wish to submit a "Research Article," you will need to be an individual member (see Journal Editorial Policies). In addition, institutional members cannot view back numbers (PDF files) of the journal from the association website. If you want to view journal back numbers, we recommend joining as an individual member.